Neurodiversity’s New Role Today in Novels, Movies and the Arts

The past decade has seen a sharp rise in the number of non-fiction books and articles by scientists, educators and parents on neurodiversity. Less well-known and documented is the emerging role that neurodiversity has come to play in novels, movies and the arts; and the far more positive characterizations of the neurodiverse population.

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Week in Neurodiversity (2/27/16)

On the Week in Neurodiversity, the host highlights newsworthy events in the news involving different brains.

“Millennial Neurodiversity News”

Hosted by Matthew Ryan.


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8 Times Social Media Made a Difference for the Neurodiverse

All of us have heard of instances where bullies used social media to victimize their peers whom learn differently. Fortunately, social media has also promoted displays of communal support, and mainstreamed that support to more people than ever possible. Here is a list of 8 occasions where social media was responsible for making the difference in the life of someone neurodiverse.

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Lynn University: Helping the Neurodiverse Transition

Lynn University has a mission- to make sure that all students, whether traditional learners or nontraditional learners, have a chance. That people from any walk of life should have the ability to succeed, and that the University strived to be the place where the building blocks to that success were laid. The sincerity and dedication of Kevin Ross and his colleagues came though loud and clear. That’s leadership. And that is what this conference– Lynn University’s Transitions 2016– is all about.

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Replace Autism Awareness With Autism Acceptance

Autism awareness, what does this really mean? Logos, colors and symbols that represent autism awareness are prevalent during the month of April. People equate the symbols with the autism spectrum. However, being aware that autism exists and comprehending what the autism spectrum is composed of, the challenges faced by families, children and adults who live with autism 12 months out of the year is a totally different and pressing issue.

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