Attorney at Lowe, Fell and Skogg, LLC / Fortune 10 Company Legal Representative / Special Focus in Tax Law for Non-Profits and Small Businesses

Brandon C. McDaniel is an attorney at Lowe, Fell and Skogg, LLC, where he is responsible for overseeing a wide variety of corporate and real estate transactions on behalf of a Fortune 10 company.  These transactions range from managing complex asset and real estate acquisitions to structuring policies and business programs to comply with abstruse regulatory regimes.  When Brandon isn’t negotiating complex for profit deals, he relies upon his post-doctorate training in tax law to assist non-profits and small businesses.

Brandon’s legal experience spans businesses of many shapes and sizes, from small startups to a Fortune 10 company.  Brandon’s legal knowledge has even been featured in interviews with Colorado Public Radio and OutFront Magazine.

Unlike most attorneys, Brandon possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, having started several successful businesses. Brandon began his first business venture in middle school programming websites for local businesses, and founded a law firm fresh out of school.  Owing to his success as an entrepreneur and lawyer, Brandon was a recurring Guest Speaker on the Million Dollar Butterflies Radio Show helping to encourage youth entrepreneurship.

Before becoming a lawyer, Brandon was a freelance programmer with full stack experience stretching from C to PHP.  With more than two decades of coding experience, Brandon’s technical expertise includes developing websites, designing and programming small robots, building multiple custom-made 3D printers, and coding machine learning algorithms.  Brandon’s latest hobby projects involve designing household items for 3D printing.