Founder of Autism Career Pathways

Cover image - Maisie Soetantyo, M. Ed.

Maisie Soetantyo, M. Ed. has been working with neurodivergent children, teens and adults since her undergraduate study at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1991. She moved away from behavioral approach because she realized that supporting each one of her client’s authenticity as an autistic individual needed to be the center of any therapeutic goal. Her role as a family coach is to foster a meaningful understanding and acceptance of an autism diagnosis as a unique pathway to self advocacy and fulfilling lives. She believes that every autistic person has a story to share to the world, and it is her passion to prepare the world to embrace and take part in his/her/their story.

As a parent and professional coach, she has learned that every neurodivergent person is unique. Working with parents at home and empowering them to be in the driver’s seat as competent parents who are willing learners themselves is an important foundation for each family. After her own autism and SPD diagnoses, she now shares her lived experiences to help parents and professionals focus on autism positivity in each individual.

With her Masters degree in Curriculum and Instructional Design, she aspires to develop vocational and adaptive living curriculum for teens and adults with neurological differences. Her goal is to create resources for educators, professionals, job coaches and business owners from all over the world to hire and support ND individuals in a variety of workplaces.