The Different Brains Speakers Bureau

A First Step Towards Self-Advocacy

“Are they laughing at me? Do they think I’m not smart?” Public speaking is something that sparks terror in most people. The idea of stumbling over your delivery, mispronouncing a word, or losing your train of thought in the middle of giving a speech have the making of a nightmare for many.

As part of its Mentorship Program, Different Brains established the Speakers Bureau in 2020 to provide tools for making speeches less stressful. Interns in the program from all over the United States attend virtually and are mentored in a supportive and inclusive group setting.

Here are just some of the ways getting involved with the speakers bureau can help with the anxiety related to giving a speech: 

  • Learn to select, research, develop and organize speaking topics
  • Learn to express your ideas with clarity
  • Gain leadership skills from learning to confidently speak to others
  • Work with one-to-one mentoring
  • Learn to critique speeches in a positive helpful way
  • Learn impromptu speaking
  • Watch your self confidence soar!
Image of Anita Mitchell

Anita Mitchell

The Different Brains Speakers Bureau is led by former journalist and Different Brains board member Anita Mitchell. Anita worked in South Florida as a breaking news editor and field producer for WSVN for 26 years and currently has a blog which profiles members of the local Broward community. To learn more about Anita’s background and interests, click here.

For more information on the Different Brains Speakers Bureau or to enroll in the Different Brains Mentorship Program, please email