Cover Image - Can NAD Help Brain Health?

How NAD Treatments Could Improve Brain Health

By Andrey Rossin

Brain health and NAD

First and foremost, NAD stands for: nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, and it is an essential coenzyme in every living cell that declines with aging. I first learned about NAD in 2015 from Dr. Richard Mestayer, III – the founder of Springfield Wellness Center. Dr. Mestayer is considered the leading authority in the USA on intravenous NAD infusions and creator of Brain Restoration Plus the ten day NAD IV protocol. He also holds a 40-year career as a practicing physician specializing in psychiatry. His wife Paula Norris recently published a book called Addiction: the Dark Night of the Soul/NAD: The Light Of Hope. Little did I know when I was calling the Doc 9 years ago that this amazing natural substance would take the focal point in my life!

Facts about NAD

At age 50, we have 40% less NAD+ than at age 20. By age 80, NAD+ levels drop as much as 98%. NAD also acts as a neurotransmitter, so it regulates our brain health. The organic way to increase our levels naturally that are fasting, sleep and physical exercise. Even those measures do not increase our NAD levels to a high enough level. This can be measured by any doctor that offers blood work. In school we study the process called the Creb’s cycle and production of NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide [NAD] + hydrogen [H]), which is the creation of cell respiration in the electron transport chain, to create the fuel and energy for molecular health function. It is a chemical process that generates energy on our molecular level. Without NAD we will not be alive.

What happens without proper NAD levels?

What happens when we lack NAD? The impacts can include:

o    Tremors

o    Depression

o    Arterial Stiffness

o    Circadian Rhythm Imbalance

o    Pro-youth Genes Turned Off

o    Restless Leg Syndrome

o    Cellular Senescence

o    Sarcopenia

o    Death


What do we know about NAD?

It repairs our DNA, restorative and anti-inflammatory, it effects our circadian rhythm-improves sleep, acts as a neurotransmitter- improving our brain health closely connected to levels of stress and depression and creates ATP -adenosine triphosphate -our energy factories on the cellular level.  The answer is that NAD extends our telomeres for longer lifespan and that everyone can benefit from it.

I am a certified addiction counselor hoping to become a Doctor of Naturopathy one day. Currently working with severe mental health cases and addicted population. What we see as a result of NAD therapy is just miraculous. We are very excited to work with clients that get results from it.

A bit of history of NAD.   The precursor of NAD is niacin, nicotinamide (NAM), nicotinamide riboside (NR), inside of our bodies they ferment into pure NAD. Niacin was first discovered in 1906, in 1929 NAD was purified first time, in 1936 it was shown how NAD functions in fermentation reactions, 1938 Conrad Elvehjem  discovered “anti-black tongue factor,” the first vitamin precursors of NAD. He also discovered nicotinic acid-niacin and nicotinamide.

1967 Alclin lab South Africa created an intravenous protocol through powder called DPN Diphosphopyridine Nucleotide-virtually – NAD. Theo Verway coined The Father of NAD has treated over 12,000 patients and families with DPN with all types of different symptoms.  Abram Hoffer -the founder of orthomolecular therapy utilized large quantities of niacin for his clients suffering from severe depression and schizophrenia during the 1950’and 1960’s . David Sinclair -Australian biologist and professor of genetics, currently studies NAD at  MIT in Boston, famously known Google has already invested more than $1,5 billion in study of NAD in its secretive Calico Labs.

One can utilize NAD through the IV, shots, patches, nasal spray, cream, oral melts, candy and liquid form.

I suggest to anyone interested in NAD do more research and experience it, you might very well be pleasantly surprised, and your body will say a big “Thank you”.

Andrey Rossin is a certified addiction counselor hoping to become a Doctor of Naturopathy one day. He struggled with substance misuse and correlated mental health issues for years before finding the solution and full recovery fifteen years ago. Since then he has dedicated himself to pushing others to acting and creating lasting turnarounds in their life. From 2012-2016 Andrey owned and operated Into Action Treatment a minimum 90-day residential treatment center in Boynton Beach, Florida. One of the unique criteria’s for the patients was not the ability to pay, but the clinical involvement and objective setting. Clients stayed based on their progress, not the predetermined number of days authorized by insurance. Since 2012 Andrey worked on the opening of the 15-bed inpatient detox program Future Now Detox in Palm Springs, Florida. The first client arrived in May 2017, Future Now Detox utilizes NAD IV therapy in its inpatient setting, works with clients trying to stop the abuse of Methadone, benzodiazepines, Suboxone/Subutex, synthetic drugs. Andrey has also partnered up with Carillon Wellness Resort and Spa in Miami to offer revolutionary NAD protocols for anti-aging and revitalization daily to its guests and residents. His hopes and aspirations lay desire to having more people know about the amazing abilities our bodies have including the power to heal and recover ourselves. I truly believe that we are all born to reach our highest potential, in some way we all need help to get into action.