Can Improv Classes Ease Anxiety?

Can Improv Classes Ease Anxiety?

Casey Grambo is a woman living in Connecticut who suffers from severe social anxiety and confidence issues. She finds relief, however, as a member of the Sea Tea improv group. This collaborative art group is an outlet for many members with anxiety, turning frustration and challenges into fun and humor. The feeling of contribution and worth they get as a part of Sea Tea helps them to improve their self-esteem and bolster confidence.

“Folks who are looking for all sorts of benefits of improv, whether it’s stage presence or public speaking, meeting new friends, and there’s all sorts of things you can do. It’s a really fun artistic thing that anyone can do,” said Grambo. “The folks who have joined this community who have suffered from different mental health, whether it’s minor or major, have seen incredible changes in their capability of dealing. The change is to see failures as opportunities; the change is to to not be afraid to trust yourself or to lean on others to help you in those times where you feel like you have nothing to give.”

Sea Tea is one of 110 individuals and organizations supporting Mental Health Connecticut’s 110 year anniversary event, “Be 1 of 110.” All of these 110 have raised $1000 or more to MHC by answering the question, “What moves you?”

From Mental Health Connecticut’s website:

“Established in 1908, Mental Health Connecticut (MHC) is a statewide, nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve mental health for all Connecticut residents.
For more than 100 years, MHC has worked to improve mental health services, promote recovery for people with mental health conditions, educate the community about the importance of mental wellness, and combat discrimination resulting from a mental health diagnosis. Through advocacy, education, and service, MHC empowers people to promote mental wellness, instigate meaningful systems change, and engage in mental health recovery.”



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