The First Comic Book Character With Down Syndrome

The First Comic Book Character with Down Syndrome

Publisher Lion Forge is set to introduce the first hero with Down syndrome in the new comic book Superb.

While there have been comic book characters with cognitive disabilities and super abilities, there’s yet to be a main protagonist with Down syndrome. Superb will tell the story of Jonah, a young man with Down syndrome who is struggling to find his place in the world and looking to put his powers of super-human strength, telekinesis, and telepathy to good use.

Lion Forge has partnered with the National Down Syndrome Society, and the book will be written by David F. Walker and Sheena C. Howard. It will be illustrated by Ray-Anthony Height and Le Beau L. Underwood.

Lion Forge head Geoff Gerber states that the comic will represent a strong story about the importance of understanding one another. “Everyone faces different challenges in life, but those challenges don’t prevent us from wanting to be heroes,” states Geoff Gerber to The Hollywood Reporter. “Superb is a story about two young people faced with challenges who struggle to understand one another and what it means to be heroes. But some challenges are more difficult for many of us to understand.”

The first issue is set to be released in July.

Cover of upcoming “Superb” comic (courtesy Lion Force)


This piece is based on an article by Charles Pulliam-Moore published by io9, which can be seen here.

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