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Gender Representation in Nonprofits, with Wanda Deschamps | Spectrumly Speaking ep. 80

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(51 mins) In this episode, hosts Haley Moss and and guest co-host Marcie Ciampi M.Ed. (Samantha Craft) welcome autism advocate Wanda Deschamps. Wanda is founder and principal of Liberty Co – a consultancy for non-profits with charitable status. When not spending time with friends, following the Pittsburg Penguins, exercising, or reading about history, biographies or current affairs, she is a champion for inclusivity, with special focus on neurodiversity and gender equity issues. Wanda is a skilled advocate for advancing and achieving gender balance in non-profit leadership and in elected representation. The three discuss Wanda’s autism diagnosis, the gender inequality and lack of diversity of nonprofit leadership roles, and explore tips for new mothers that are on the spectrum.

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