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Girl With Down Syndrome Expresses Self Through Painting

The Week in Neurodiversity

The Neurodiversity News Show, hosted by the staff.

Today’s host: Adrienne Marie Sassano!

(3 min 30 sec) In this episode, a nonverbal girl with Down syndrome uses art to tell her story, NYU studies a an under-examined symptom of Parkinson’s, and a pair of twins with autism have a love for running marathons! These stories and more in this week’s edition!

[00:12] To kick things off, a nonverbal girl with Down syndrome is using art to share her story.

[00:42] A facility in Nebraska is using music to help patients with Alzheimer’s.

[01:16] NYU is conducting a study on a less-examined symptom of Parkinson’s.

[01:50] Next, let’s take a look at how one Texas organization spread awareness for dyslexia.

[02:22] And finally, over in New York, a pair of twins on the autism spectrum have developed a love for running marathons.