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Man With Parkinson’s Sails The Great Lakes – W.I.N.

The Week in Neurodiversity

The Neurodiversity News Show, hosted by the Different Brains Inc. interns. Today’s host: Adrienne Sassano

(3 min 10 sec) In this episode, a basketball player with autism plays the game of his life, a man with Parkinson’s sails the Great Lakes with his wife, we watch a 10 year old with cerebral palsy takes her first steps, and more!

[00:12] To kick things off, check out the exciting moment of a 10-yr-old girl with cerebral palsy walked independently for the first time.
[00:30] Over in Massachusetts, a high school student with Asperger’s played the basketball game of his life.
[01:04] Rhode Island Hospital is studying some new potentially promising treatments for ALS.
[01:39] Over in Ireland, a woman has been sending gift baskets to families of newborns with Down syndrome.
[02:07] And finally, a man with Parkinson’s is sailing around the Great Lakes to raise awareness for the condition.