Matthew Ryan’s Week In Neurodiversity (3/19/16)

Week in Neurodiversity (3/19/16)

The Week in Neurodiversity

Millennial Neurodiversity News

Hosted by Matthew Ryan.

The Week in Neurodiversity highlights recent news stories that speak to the differences in our brains.

Hosted by Matthew Ryan.

In this episode-
[00:11] Light treatment found to help people with depression
[00:41] Boy with autism gets service dog
[01:10] College begins program for neurodiverse students
[01:35] Can horses help with anxiety?
[01:55] Adele makes dream come true for girl with autism
[02:27] New film stars actor with Down’s syndrome
[02:49] Video recommendation: The Aspie World
For more about neurodiversity, and for the longer videos on these stories click below:

Light treatment found to help people with depression:
Boy with autism gets service dog:
College begins program for neurodiverse students:
Can horses help with anxiety?:
Adele makes dream come true for girl with autism:
New film stars actor with Down’s syndrome:, Film clip: 
Video recommendation

Video recommendation

The Aspie World:


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Hi, welcome to the Week In Neurodiversity. My name is Matthew Ryan, and if you think my face looks bad, you should have seen the other neurodiversity advocate.

First, in medicine, new research is showing that doctors may be able to treat severe depression without the use of medication through these specialized light treatments. “I’m glad I did. By the second treatment, I started to notice a difference. Twice a week for three months last Spring, Jerry and others strapped on this sort of virtual headset which delivered the low-level light. The wavelength, if there is a sufficient intensity of light, penetrates and gets to the neuron and fuels the cells.”

In the community this week, an Autism Speaks walk event was the first outing for a young boy with autism and his new service dog, Cookie. “Tyler’s family decided to pair him with a new canine friend. Owner Jason DeVito says, in Tyler’s case it will be hard not to get attached to Cookie, because he will literally be attached to Cookie. ‘Cookie will be trained to anchor him. So if he has that desire, that instinct to be able to pull or run off or dart off, he will be toting around a 75 lbs. dog at his side.'”

A Texas college is in it’s second semester of a program designed to help those on the autism spectrum transition to higher education. “If we’re able to bridge the gap between high school and college and get them prepared to go to college, I mean that’s what we’re really trying to do. ‘Basically social skills, and also a few other things that most of the students didn’t really know about.’ I use the learning about coping skills and how to become more independent.”

Can interacting with horses help with anxiety? Well a Virgina program called Journey Of Hope For Autism, believes so. “Little ones like Blake find an escape through Jillian. ‘During anything new, it’s very hard because he’s scared of it.’ The adorable 4-year-old lives with autim and anxiety. ‘He just feels free here.'”

E’llo to entertainment. A young British girl with autism’s dream came true when her favorite singer Adele invited her on stage to sing along.

And finally, David DeSantes, an actor with Down Syndrome is becoming a star, in his new film, “Where Hope Grows.” “You play produce, right, in this movie?” ‘Yes, I do.’ How cool is it to be in this? ‘It was amazing.’ Maybe you just need to smile. A cheerful heart is good medicine. ‘Where’d you get that, a bumper sticker?'”

Who do you follow? Because this week, I’m recommending my man’s YouTube Channel. It’s called the Aspie World. Check out his link at the end of this video.

That’s it for the Week in Neurodiversity, thanks for watching; don’t forget to subscribe and leave your comments! Remember, you keep advocating, we’ll keep bringing the news.



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