Meet The First NCAA Player With Autism

The Week in Neurodiversity

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Today’s host: Adrienne Sassano!

(3 min 10 sec) In this episode, former football player Tim Green looks to raise funds for ALS, a girl with epilepsy has her life changed by her specially trained dog, we meet the first NCAA basketball player with autism, and more!

[00:11] To kick things off, a teen with autism and Down syndrome received a birthday surprise from a group of bikers.

[00:44] Next up, Kent State’s Kalin Bennett is the first NCAA Basketball player with autism.

[01:05] Over in New Jersey, a girl with epilepsy has had her life changed by her specially trained dog.

[01:41] Next up, check out a few tips on how to avoid holiday depression.

[02:07] And finally, former football player and NFL commentator Tim Green is using his ALS diagnosis to raise funds for research.


Thumbnail Photo by tommy bebo on Unsplash