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What is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia, also known as a math learning disability, is defined as the inability to achieve in mathematics proportional to an individual’s age, intelligence, and within adequate schooling. Dyscalculia is marked by an individual’s trouble to execute and comprehend arithmetical calculations; Problems can range from difficulties: recognizing numbers and symbols in math, analyzing measurements of time- such as analog clock and money, visualizing numbers and number lines, performing mental math problems and spatial relation math problems, as well as applying rules to math problems utilizing formulas and strategies.

Most cases of Dyscalculia are developmental, signifying that the learning disability has been present from birth. Dyscalculia can be acquired, however, as a result from a traumatic brain injury or stroke. Dyscalculia is a lifelong condition with no known cure, however cognitive training can improve individual’s arithmetical skills. Dyscalculia is differentiated and diagnosed when an individual of otherwise adequate intelligence, adequate memory skills, and adequate schooling participation, lacks the arithmetical skills their peers do.

Dyscalculia Resources provides well-researched and practical information, expert advice, and a secure online community platform to parents of children with learning and attention issues. consists of 15 non-profit organizations that have all joined forces to provide free access to a multitude of resources and support, aiding parents in helping their child reach their full potential. was created by Dr. Anna J. Wilson, a researcher who specializes in Dyscalculia and mathematical cognition. Through her many years of experience teaching, researching, and personal experiences related to Dyscalculia, Dr. Wilson developed to offer information about Dyscalculia, as well as support and resources, from the research community to students, parents, teachers, and all those who are affected by Dyscalculia.

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