Seinfeld Actor John O’Hurley’s Crusade for Epilepsy Awareness

The Week in Neurodiversity

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Today’s host: Adrienne Sassano!

(3 min 21 sec) In this episode, a girl with Down syndrome dances through barriers, actor John O’Hurley becomes an epilepsy awareness advocate, and how does viewing work emails out side the office create anxiety? These stories and more in this week’s edition!

[00:11] Let’s kick things off with actor John O’Hurley discussing his mission in fighting epilepsy.

[00:46] Next up, let’s take a look at how viewing work emails after hours can cause more anxiety.

[01:17] A ten-year-old boy with autism got to score a touchdown for his pop warner football team.

[01:47] Next up, the Alzheimer’s Association discusses how to keep those with the condition safe.

[02:19] And finally over in Wisconsin, a young girl with Down syndrome is using dance to break barriers.–494522521.html