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Teen with Down Syndrome Becomes High School Placekicker

An Ohio High School has found itself a kicker in Caden Cox—a 17-year-old student with Down syndrome.

Freemont Ross High School was in search of a placekicker, when their special teams coach Kevin Cox—who is also the father of Caden—landed on his son.


New placekicker Caden Cox (photo: Jordan Strack)

New placekicker Caden Cox (photo: Jordan Strack)


“Caden jumped up there and began making some field goals and was kicking better than some of the middle school kids and a couple of the high school kids so we were like this could work,” states Coach Cox. “This is a big one for me, because I was brought up in football, and to put a kid with Down Syndrome on the field, I think it’s a big hurdle.”

Caden has had a successful track record in other athletics as well. He’s a three-time State of Ohio Special Olympics swimmer, as well as a member of the school swim team and the track team.


This piece is based on an article from USA Today HSS that can be found here.

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