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The 11 Year Old Scrabble Master With Autism

(3 min 31 sec) In this episode: a boy with dyslexia starts a “reading for dogs program,” young adults with Down syndrome are empowered through photography, a boy with autism develops a passion for scrabble, and more!

[00:10] To kick things off, a boy with dyslexia has started a “reading for dogs” program.
[00:40] Next up, Brittany Riggs is a young woman with Down syndrome who is also a super fan of the University of Central Florida football team. Since Brittany couldn’t attend the Fiesta due to health issues, the players from the team came together to send her a message.
[01:20] And over in Brazil, Young adults with Down syndrome are being empowered through photography.
[01:53] Now, let’s take a look at how our diet may affect depression.
[02:22] And finally, a young boy with autism has developed a unique passion for Scrabble.