How A Down Syndrome Dance Program Went International


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(VIDEO – 1 minute) This week, we’ll be covering Down For Dance: a dance program for people with Down syndrome that has gone worldwide during the pandemic.

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What’s up, viewers! I’m your host Mike Nickas, and you’re watching the Week in Neurodiversity!

This week, we’ll be covering a story out of Southern California, about an expanding dance program for those with Down syndrome.

 Down for Dance is a program dedicated to empowering individuals with Down syndrome through the art of dance.

“Our mission is to empower individuals with Down syndrome to build a stronger sense of self through dance,” said co-founder Annie Griffith to KABC.

The non-profit out of Long Beach, California, was founded in the summer of 2017. And despite the pandemic, the program has found a way to fulfill their dreams of expanding nationwide through virtual classes. They now teach close to 90 dancers across 16 states.

“Dancing keeps my heart safe,” Jessica LaSpada, a Down for Dance dancer and assistant from Long Beach, said to KABC.

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