Tackling Your To-Do List | ADHD Power Tools, with Ali Idriss & Brooke Schnittman


(3 minutes) In this episode of ADHD Power Tools, Ali and Brooke discuss tools on how to stay on top of your To-Dos! 

Brooke Schnittman, MA, ACC, BCC is a certified coach who works with children, students, teens,  adults, and parents with or without ADHD. She has been nominated for multiple awards including “Best In Show Community” and ”Advocating For Another.” She is the creator of What’s Next and ADHDEdCamp.

Ali Idriss is a Different Brains trainee and ADHD self-advocate. He is a 4th year student at FAU, and is aspiring to become a physician. He also aspires to share his journey, and help others with the tools that have allowed him overcome many of the battles along the way.

For more on Brooke and her work, visit: https://www.coachingwithbrooke.com/