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Teen With Apraxia Becomes Beloved Mascot – W.I.N.

The Week in Neurodiversity

The Neurodiversity News Show, hosted by the Different Brains Inc. interns. Today’s host: Derek Dunston!

(3 min 45 sec) In this episode, a counselor looks to help students with ADHD find their superpowers, a high school student with apraxia becomes a beloved mascot, the National Down Syndrome Society dispels myths in an inspirational video, and more!

[00:11] Let’s kick things off over in Virginia, where a counselor is looking to help children with ADHD find their superpowers.

[00:47] Next up, let’s look at how one couple has found unique ways of coping with Alzheimer’s.

[01:18] Over in Kansas, a proposed reading instruction is aiming to help students with dyslexia.

[01:50] Next, a young man who has struggled with apraxia has become a beloved mascot at a Texas high school.

[02:30] And finally, the National Down Syndrome Society put out an inspiring video busting myths surrounding the condition.