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The Best of the Week In Neurodiversity – 2018 Year in Review

The Week in Neurodiversity

The Neurodiversity News Show, hosted by the Different Brains Inc. interns. Today’s host: Adrienne Sassano

(6 min 17 sec) In this episode, we count down the top 10 stories from 2018, including a comedian with Tourette’s becoming famous on America’s Got Talent, the first Washington Lobbyist with Down syndrome, the first runner with cerebral palsy earning a contract with Nike, and more!

[00:13] At number 10, former NFL star Demarcus Ware teamed with Snoop Dogg and Singing for Superheroes to create a song empowering children with ADHD.

[00:56] At number 9, a man with Parkinson’s was introduced as the 21st Duck for this year’s Anaheim Ducks hockey team!

[01:28] At number 8, Samuel J. Comroe is a comedian with Tourette’s whose routine on America’s Got Talent went viral!

[01:56] At number 7, another viral video, this time of a toddler with Down syndrome singing “You Are my Sunshine” with his older sister!

[02:29] At number 6, the story of a woman with cerebral palsy, who also conquered cancer, opening a CrossFit gym in North Carolina.

[03:01] At number 5, we learned all about the athlete with Parkinson’s who became an American Ninja Warrior!

[03:27] At number 4, Kobe Bryant surprised a young fan with Epilepsy on The View.

[03:59] At number 3, we met the first Washington lobbyist with Down syndrome!

[04:32] At number 2, Bryan Cranston delivered a unique, yet powerful message for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

[05:06] And finally at number 1, Justin Gallegos received the surprise of a lifetime when he became the first runner with cerebral palsy to earn a contract with Nike.