DYSPLA Hosting Film Festival Dedicated To Dyslexic Filmmakers

DYSPLA Hosting Film Festival Dedicated to Dyslexic Filmmakers

Starting on March 14, 2018, in London, DYSPLA will be hosting a unique experience which blends and blurs the lines between traditional film festivals and the art gallery experience. The films being presented are a showcase of work created by dyslexic and other neurodiverse artists.

All films will be played simultaneously, projected on smoke, with the sound being created by individual radio transmitters. The audience will need to navigate around the space, searching for fragmented information that they hear and see, putting together their own piece of the puzzle. The audience participation in this event is designed not only to be fun, but also to highlight the way information is processed differently by neurodiverse people. D-FUSE, an innovative and pioneering moving image artist, has been commissioned to create a multi channel holographic smoke installation, which will be edited live during the event. According to the organization’s website: “DYSPLA hopes to mix the elements of a film festival with an art gallery approach by not only presenting innovation in dyslexic filmmaking, but by challenging how the audience experiences the moving image.”

The films presented in this event will utilize what is referred to as the “dyslexic aesthetic”. One of the artists involved in the festival, Michael Faulkner, described this concept in a recent interview: “The keyword is structure. I would say that one of the factors that sets apart a dyslexic filmmaker from the rest is an obsession with specific details, as well as fast-forwarding and re-winding of other elements. This makes the work seem ‘out of sync’ and gives it a very particular feel, kind of like going through things at a speed of light.”

The event, dubbed the First Annual DYSPLA International Moving Image Festival (DIMIF), will last five days, March 14-18, taking place at The Crypt Gallery at St Pancras Parish Church, Euston Road, NW1 2BA London. Tickets are available and are expected to sell out, so get yours quickly! For more information, consult the DIMIF Facebook page  or visit dyspla.com.


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