A Michael Jordan Fan With Autism Gets The Surprise Of His Life

A Michael Jordan Fan With Autism Gets The Surprise of his Life

This past 4th of July, 33-year-old Jeffrey Harrison was wearing his all-out Michael Jordan uniform at a pick-up game—paying homage to the basketball icon. This inspired taunts by some. What many people failed to understand about the Jordan fanatic they were making fun of though, is Jeffrey Harrison has autism.

But on Friday, Jeffrey of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, got the last laugh when he received a phone call and a couple of boxes of new Jordan gear from the man himself.

“I knew it was him,” said Harrison, referring to the phone call. “It kind of brought me to tears after I got off the phone so I figured this is really going to be nice. The fact that Michael Jordan took the time to call and put all this together. I love it, even the cologne, even the sweats, I love it.”

Jordan also personally wrote and signed a letter to Harrison, with some inspiring words: “Continue to believe in yourself. Play hard, and always remember to enjoy the game.’

To view photos and videos of the inspiring moment, and to view the video that sparked it all, you can click here to visit their twitter account.


The article is based on one from BallIsLife.com, which can be viewed here.

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