Episode 37 - Finding Creative Outlets On The Autism Spectrum, With Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Finding Creative Outlets on the Autism Spectrum, with Kimberly Gerry Tucker | Spectrumly Speaking ep. 37

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(26 mins) In this episode, hosts Katherine Cody, Psy.D. and Becca Lory, CAS, BCCS speak with Kimberly Gerry Tucker. She is the author of the memoir “Under The Banana Moon”, and a professional artist whose work was featured on the cover of the Art Of Autism book “Shattering Myths.” She gives panel talks, book signings, and does collage workshops and presentations. She also works part-time as a software tester, and is working to become an Accessibility Tester. Kim’s artwork was chosen to be on the cover of the 2nd edition printing of Samantha Craft’s bestselling book Everyday Aspergers, which is coming soon. The three discuss Kimberly’s diagnosis with autism and struggle with selective mutism, and how creative outlets have allowed her to navigate tough times. They then discuss ways people who have yet to find a creative outlet might be able to do so.

Kim is taking PODS submissions for Art of Autism at: podsartofautism@gmail.com
Learn more about the PODS project here: the-art-of-autism.com

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